A downloadable FPS for Windows

This is a small demo version of the game called Antichrist, created by devils in hell's kitchen. The demo version includes a backstory, a tutorial level, a regular level, and a boss.

Difficulty level: Heavy Metal Jesus.

Gameplay: nothing special, run, kick enemies, do desh, use a chainsaw for the only correct purpose: we cut enemies, and at the same time try not to get into bugs ._. 

Plot: for show.

In this game is all just as crooked and ridiculous). In this game you are almost the same as all those who go against you, the benefit of a native double-barreled shotgun with a flamethrower never fails, with rare exceptions. All weapons have an alternative mode.

What will be in release version:

-12 weapons
-7 unique worlds
-heavy bosses
-lots of monsters
-New mechanics

We really hope that this project will be interesting to people and will be completed.

WASD: move
F: kick
1/2: change weapons
LMB: regular shoot
RMB: alternative shoot
SHIFT: dash
Z: use chainsaw

Developers: 3D artist - _Diablo_; Soundtrack - FanaticalProductions ("Odious" album); Gameplay: _Diablo_. Gameplay video by Z9GAMES NETWORK

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorDiaBRO (coffee interactive)
Tags3D, Arcade, blood, demo, FPS, Gore, Retro, Short, Violent

Install instructions

Download the archive

Unpack the archive

Download special font

Launch menu.exe

Enjoy (may-be)


Antichrist DEMO.rar 371 MB

Development log


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Waiting  for your  comments guys ^_^


Just now discovered your little game. I will try a give it a go tomorrow. Cheers!!